Exihibitor Infomation

Additional Information for Exhibitors

Once registration and booth payment has been received, the Expo will contact you at a later date to confirm the final details. Please hold on to your payment receipt for confirmation until the show date. 

Exhibitor passes will be available the day before the show. 

Please note, any booth(s) purchased by an exhibitor, should they have a +1 guest or more, the guest(s) of their booth will be required to pay the $10 general admission fee. The booth fee covers one table and one exhibitor. More than one person in a booth, regardless of size requires the extra people in the booth to pay the general admission charge.  Thanks for understanding. 

Please feel free to email email us with any other questions that you may have and we can post the answers under the FAQ section to help out all the exhibitors who may have the same question.